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Colgatefutureprofessionals.co.in is a website where dental students interested in oral care academics can share & view photos, news, updates and information about oral care studies.

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The Terms constitute a binding legal agreement between you as user (“you”) and Colgate- Palmolive India Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’ www.colgatefutureprofessionals.in together with its affiliated websites & applications would be herein after referred to as ‘The Website’.

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Use of the site and rules relating to content

Colgate Future Professionals website is an online meeting place for dental students. You may only use and become a registered member of Colgate Future Professionals if you are 18 years old or older.

You warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into and be bound by the Terms and that by using Colgate Future Professionals you will not be violating any law or regulation of India. You are solely responsible for your compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations.

What kind of content can I post on Colgate Future Professionals website ?

Only literatures, research material and material pertaining to the science relating to Oral Care would be allowed to be on Colgate Future Professionals, including photographs, messages and other content (“Content”) which are original in nature or pertains to articles already available in public domain.

Material reproduction of copyrighted material shall not be entertained and the person so sharing the content shall be liable to be prosecuted. The Company does not take liability for such publications.

Persons posting on Colgate Future Professionals shall not post or send any content which: is obscene, pornographic or otherwise may offend human dignity; is abusive, insulting or threatening, or which promotes or encourages racism, sexism, hatred or bigotry; incorporates the image or likeness of any individual under 18 years of age; encourages any illegal activity including, without limitation, terrorism, inciting racial hatred or the submission of which in itself constitutes committing a criminal offence; is defamatory; relates to commercial activities (including, without limitation, sales, competitions and advertising, links to other websites or premium line telephone numbers); involves the transmission of “junk” mail or “spam”; contains any spy ware, adware, viruses, corrupt files, worm programs or other malicious code designed to interrupt, damage or limit the functionality of or disrupt any software, hardware, telecommunications, networks, servers or other equipment, Trojan horse or any other material designed to damage, interfere with, wrongly intercept or expropriate any data or personal information whether from Colgate Future Professionals or otherwise; or itself, or the posting of which, infringes any third party’s rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights and privacy rights).

Personal details of any kind provided to us through this website will only be used by us to send you Emails & SMS communication pertaining to Oral Care, Scientific, Promotional information, updates of activities pertaining to this site and for sending across any product samples, literature, prizes of contests etc.. At any time if you wish to stop receiving such communication, you may write to us at colgate@direxions.com or call on the helpline number 022-40336070

You may not use other users’ information visible on the site for commercial purposes, to spam, to harass, or to make unlawful threats. Colgate Future Professionals reserves the right to terminate your account if you misuse other users’ information or found involved in any activity which is not acceptable within the permissible guidelines.

When you upload Content to Colgate Future Professionals it can be accessed and viewed by the registered users and us The Company reserve the right (without obligation) at its sole discretion and without giving notice, to remove or edit, limit or block access to any Content that the participant may upload or submit to Colgate Future Professionals .

Ownership of Content

It is highly recommended that you should not upload content that does not belong to you, as it would fall under the copyright infringement.

Please note though that by posting or sending any Content on Colgate Future Professionals you represent and warrant to us that you have the right to do so, and automatically grant to us a non-exclusive, royalty free, perpetual, worldwide license to use such Content in any way (including, without limitation, editing, copying, modifying, adapting, translating, reformatting, creating derivative works from, incorporating into other works, advertising, distributing and otherwise making available to the general public such Content, whether in whole or in part and in any format or medium currently known or developed in the future).

We may assign and/or sub-license the above license to our affiliates and successors without any further approval by you.

By submitting Content to Colgate Future Professionals you are warranting that you are the exclusive author and owner of that Content and you agree that you waive any and all moral rights relating to that Content (including, without limitation, the right to be identified as the author).

We have the right to disclose your identity to any third party who is claiming that any Content posted or uploaded by you to our Site constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights or of their right to privacy or any other law.

All text, graphics, user interfaces, trademarks, logos, sounds and artwork on Colgate Future Professionals are owned, controlled or licensed by the Company and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property law rights.

Other than in relation to Content submitted by the participant in Colgate Future Professionals, the participant does not have any right in relation to the Content on Colgate Future Professionals and that it is agreed that there would not be usage of the material posted on the site in any manner which may infringe any third party’s rights. Without limitation to the foregoing, it is understood that none accessing the site shall copy, modify, adapt, distribute, publish or sell all or any part of the Colgate Future Professionals site or the Content contained on it

Access to the site

Since it would be necessary to carry out maintenance of the site or it may be affected by a fault or circumstances which are outside the control of the Company, so Colgate Future Professionals the access to the website would be on an “as is” basis. No warranty is given about the quality, accuracy, functionality, availability or performance of Colgate Future Professionals and we reserve the right to suspend, withdraw, amend, modify or vary the service provided on Colgate Future Professionals without notice and without incurring any liability.

It would be the duty of the participant to make arrangements for access to Colgate Future Professionals (including, but not limited to Internet provider and mobile internet provider fees and, any other charges associated with such access). The Company shall not be held responsible for any reduced functionality that a participant may encounter as result of or in connection with accessing Colgate Future Professionals through mobile services or any similar service currently known or developed in the future.

Standard and relevant internet rates/ call charges shall apply for the purpose of access of the website which shall be borne by the participant.

Non-registered users are able to access only that portion of Colgate Future Professionals that is publicly available. Non-registered users will not have a Profile or the ability to upload any Content. The extent of registered users’ access to Colgate Future Professionals will depend on certain criteria relating to their Profile being met. The Company may change or update the criteria from time to time without prior notice and at its sole discretion.

Termination of usage

Unauthorized users or participants shall not be allowed to access the website. The Company shall be within its rights and discretion at any time without liability or need to give prior notice to: suspend or revoke related registration (where applicable) and right to access and/or use Colgate Future Professionals or submit any Content to Colgate Future Professionals; and make use of any operational, technological, legal, or other means available to enforce the Terms &Conditions (including without limitation blocking specific IP addresses).

The Company shall in such circumstances display a statement of termination of the access which would be also communicated in the Groups.


You can report any abuse or complain about Content on Colgate Future Professionals by contacting us using your email id, outlining the abuse and or complaint. However, a user shall not report or complaint against another user directly from a profile. Complaints can be made by clicking the ‘Report Abuse’ link on their profile, choosing the reason for the complaint and providing us with any additional information you think fit. On receipt of such complaint the Company shall pursue the complaint and investigate the matter. The complainant shall be informed accordingly.

Company reserves its right to change, discontinue, or extend the contest or the website and / or the terms and conditions without requiring to give any prior notice to the participants.

Disputes, if any, will be subject to jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai only.